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Mahout is a startup consultancy born from 30 years of experience and a shared dream of doing things differently. Our mission? Making organizations data-driven while embracing the human aspect.

Many organizations have an ambition to become more data-driven. To get to know their customers better, respond more flexibly to customer needs and make more informed decisions. Using data effectively holds enormous promise, but in practice this often proves to be quite difficult. We help organizations, from top brands to small heroes, to think, act, and dream in a data-driven way. Because we believe working with data shouldn’t be forced. We are satisfied only when everyone is convinced that being data-driven is the way forward. When everyone dares to dream in terms of data-driven possibilities.

Our mission? Making organizations data-driven while embracing the human aspect

Viola Neumann

Data Strategist

At Mahout, we always put people first. Communication and connection are therefore essential. We put this into practice through our approach: We don’t just tell you how to do it, we sit next to you and do it together. That’s how you get the best results in our experience. With the end goal that eventually you’ll be able to do it yourself, because only then the data-driven transformation will be successful.

The Mahouts

Steven Kraal
Data Strategist

Steven loves to puzzle and knows how to turn the toughest business challenges into smart growth opportunities with a good amount of positive energy. He knows what it takes to realize them and get all stakeholders on board.

Viola Neumann
Data Strategist

Viola is a creative data consultant. She uses her background as a physicist, critical eye and connecting power to shake up organisations and bring about lasting change. This sometimes leads to difficult conversations, but mostly to a lot of positive energy.

Dirk Jan Ardesch
Data Strategist

With his infectious enthusiasm, Dirk Jan knows how to take organisations through complex data transformations. He uses his background in neuroscience and analytical aptitude to discover new perspectives together with the team.

Charlotte Taman
Data Strategist

Charlotte combines her technical and social skills to identify data-driven opportunities and communicate them to stakeholders in an accessible way. With considerable energy, she enthuses people about data and builds support for working data-driven.

Sanne Veefkind
Data Strategist

Due to her background in organizational psychology, Sanne always looks beyond the mere technical aspects of data. Like no other, she understands the steps an organization needs to take in order to succesfully transform data into business value.

Tom Hartgers
Data Strategist

With his broad interests, Tom likes to fully immerse himself in a new subject. By combining his background in the humanities and data science, he cultivates an understanding of the data and knows how to communicate his findings clearly to people with or without a data background.

Wouter Gransbergen
Data architect

Wouter writes software and analyzes data and does not shy away from technical challenges and creative solutions. His background in academic philosophy helps him to analyze problems quickly and his consulting experience ensures a customer-oriented and pragmatic attitude.

Katja Woerdman
Implementation manager

With her extensive commercial expertise, Katja knows exactly how to harness data to create value for organizations. She uses her positive energy to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, always putting people first.

Tim Kroezen
Transformation expert

Tim likes to change people's perspectives. Comedian by night, consultant and trainer by day. Tim can be of help as change consultant, he will ask you annoying questions, and names that which normally remains unsaid.

Curious to find out what Mahout can do for you?

Viola Neumann
Data Strategist
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Curious to find out what Mahout can do for you?


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