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Our team is eager to grow! We do this a little differently at Mahout. You and your ambitions are leading, not the positions and vacancies. We are looking for someone with the same passion as us. Someone who wants to bring business and data teams together for better results, to make organizations data-driven and always put the customer first.

Does this sound like you? Then we’d love to meet you! Send an email with your resume and motivation to The nature of our current projects requires a fluent command of Dutch. If you’re curious about our projects and what working at Mahout is like, read on!

What are our projects like?

We serve a variety of clients, from well-known top brands to small heroes within various sectors. The common denominator is a customer focus as a relevant theme within the organization. Every project is different, but we often start by defining an inspiring vision: where does a team or organization want to be in three years? We then develop a roadmap: how can an organization achieve that vision? This roadmap covers all aspects of an organization. The data, the technology, the people and the key challenges (use cases). The next step is to implement that roadmap together with the organization. This is the most fun part, because it’s the implementation where we can make a difference. Our goal is always to kickstart a transformation within the organization that makes ourselves (eventually) obsolete.

Everyone inspires each other, helps each other, and is eager to discuss. This gives me a lot of energy and joy in my work

Charlotte Taman

Data Strategist

What is it like to work at Mahout?

We love energy, and love to get energized by each other and by our work. It’s an important theme during our weekly reflections. We do not let conventions guide us, but enjoy exploring unknown territory. We happily accept that some of our experiments will eventually fail. We even celebrate these failures as our weekly f*ck ups.

We spend most weekdays on client work: at their office, at our own home base at B. Amsterdam, or sometimes at home. On Fridays we gather with the whole herd at B. Amsterdam to focus on our personal development and to celebrate the weekend together with a drink on the largest roof terrace in Amsterdam. We always aim to win the monthly pub quiz and regularly get inspired at a museum.

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Data Strategist
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