Independer - 1 September 2022

Building lasting customer relationships through personalization

Independer leverages marketing, data, and technology to maximize the personalization and relevance of interactions with its visitors and customers. Mahout led the way for Independer’s transformation into a comprehensive, personalized and relevant omnichannel experience for every visitor.


Monitoring fixed expenses with Independer

As the largest comparison platform in the Netherlands, Independer aims to help consumers monitor their fixed expenses. By offering best-in-class experiences in the customer’s search for the right health insurance, a greener energy supplier or a mortgage that suits their personal situation and needs. And by offering an up-to-date overview of their fixed costs, making it easy to take out additional products and proactively checking whether products still fit when their personal situation changes.

Independer aims to help consumers monitor their fixed expenses.

A shared customer perspective was missing

Independer had been successfully deploying personalization for years on My Independer, email customer journeys and retargeting through social media. However, a shared customer perspective across all channels was missing. As a result, customers were receiving inconsistent messaging across channels.

Towards a consistent and personalized omnichannel experience

Independer wanted to take the next step toward a consistent and personalized omnichannel customer experience. This included the acquisition and implementation of a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Independer enlisted the help of Mahout to lead the transformation required for a successful introduction of the CDP. Mahout guided Independer through the different phases of the transformation: from planning to implementation.

The planning phase consisted of defining an inspiring long-term ambition, preparing an implementation roadmap, business case, and selection of the CDP. The implementation phase had a very broad scope. An important part of the implementation was the technical rollout of this technology by properly setting up and connecting the new platform to all data flows and channels.


Technology alone doesn’t cut it

Next to the technology, many changes were needed at the organizational level to turn this transformation into a success. Changes such as building new skills, defining new ways of working, and close collaboration with the product domains and website development. But also ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, setting up a quality and performance monitor, and frequent communication with all stakeholders. A challenge with lots of opportunity for growth.

Steven brings subject-matter expertise, a strategic mindset and the energy that we need to get things moving. I’m proud of what we’ve already achieved together and look forward to our future cooperation with Mahout!

Nadja Mosterman

Head of Data at Independer

A new customer conscience as part of the organization

The introduction of the CDP enabled Independer to build a single, centralized customer profile that can be leveraged to orchestrate customer interaction across all contact channels. By responding to a customer’s current interests, sales progress, or changing stage of life, the Customer Engagement team now provides a relevant and consistent customer experience. For example, customers receive personalized interactions such as a cross-sell offer by email, customized landing pages and product alerts on My Independer.

The Customer Engagement team, consisting of marketers and analysts, forms the customer conscience within the organization. The capabilities offered by the CDP make it easy to compare the performance of different expressions. Thus, the team can now continuously improve the customer experience by optimizing expressions and deploying successful interactions more broadly.

Looking back with pride, looking forward with anticipation

One year after the start of the planning phase, the organization is now ready to complete the transformation process and to embrace the new way of working. Key customer data sources and channels are connected. Around 100 personalized interactions are live, including some with significant impact, and continuous optimization is underway. The Customer Engagement team has grown, and is developing and putting new interactions live independently of development support. Among the product domains, ambassadors are already emerging to help increase the impact of personalization throughout the organization.

Independer has already set its sights on the next horizon. Ambitious follow-up plans have been made, focusing on two to three new customer journeys each quarter. This transformation tastes like more!

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