Celebrate your f*ck ups!

juni 6, 2023
Author: Dirk Jan Ardesch

Surrounded by more than sixty colleagues, clients, friends and family, Mahout celebrated its first birthday on the beautiful rooftop terrace at B. Amsterdam.

And indeed: what would Mahout be without its network full of open, inspiring, beautiful people. We are beyond proud to be able to bring these people together and toast to the successes and failures of the first year that lies behind us.

The evening was themed “Celebrate your f*ck ups”. Which we definitely did! Embracing mistakes and learning from them is the only way to successfully transform a (data-driven) organization. Personalized f*ck ups written on everyone’s name tag not only resulted in countless funny lessons learned, but also made for a lot of curious questions and exciting interactions. A small selection of these blunders:

“Taking a seat at a training session without realizing I was supposed to be the one giving it”

“Tearing up while facilitating a workshop for an all-male and rather masculine crowd. Made me feel very unprofessional at the time”

“Caused a data leak at work”

“Made a big telecom provider spend a lot of money on researching options for fiber, while I should have known fiber was already implemented in that area”

The cocktails, balloons, and above all the positive energy of everyone turned this cloudy day into a radiant party. Watch the impression of the evening below. We’re already looking forward to next year!

Feel like sharing your own blunder?

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Data Strategist
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Feel like sharing your own blunder?


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